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This covers things like color, taglines, typography and all that other stuff that gets to a consistent representation of the AMT brand and identity.

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Official Name

As of September 2017, the organization should be referred to as "Ace Monster Toys Makerspace" in any externally-facing materials (e.g., outreach documents, meetup events, marketing activities). As "makerspace" becomes a commonly understood term associated with the set of activities that AMT provides, it is in the organization's best interest to clearly promote its association with the term. To encourage clear branding of the makerspace as such, any flyers and emails should include the term "makerspace". AMT partners (e.g., Department of Spontaneous Combustion) should be encouraged to use "Ace Monster Toys Makerspace" in any of its publicly-facing materials as well. 

Abbreviation of "AMT"

"AMT" can be used as an acceptable abbreviation for Ace Monster Toys Makerspace in:

1) Any internal documents where all potential readers are familar with the organization

2) The body of any public outreach documents after the introduction of the full organization name - Ace Monster Toys Makerspace. Best practice in this regard is to include this abbreviation in parentheses directly after reference to the organization

example: Ace Monster Toys Makerspace (AMT) will be hosting a "DIY Burning Man emergency kit" workshop on Tuesday, July 27th. This workshop will be lead by AMT veteran Bur Ningman, who also has a perfect attendence record at the Playa for 2 decades running. 


Our brand voice is friendly and fun and clear. 


And by friendly we mean inclusive. Be welcoming to lots of different kinds of people. Avoid exclusionary language but there is still room to be genuine about what kind of community we are (example: self-starters, low-service / high-agency). 


This is fun! We don't need to take ourselves too seriously. Even when talking about our more simple basic offerings we can remember that this is some cool fun stuff and lead with that. 


Keep it simple! It is easy to get verbose and technical. Remember to use simple every-day language. 


Below is the color pallet used for expressing the AMT identity. When at all possible please use these core colors when creating graphics for that represent AMT. That doesn't mean don't add color or photography... please do... just not to the logo. See below.


Dark yellow = 203,124,23 | cb7c17

Bright yellow = 248,148,28 | f8941c

Red = 201,30,36 | c91e24

Dark grey = 129,130,134 | 818286

Light grey = 167, 138,172 | a7a8ac

Black = 0,0,0 | 000000 | 30,30,30,100




Go here for everything you ever wanted to know about the logo:
AMT Bot - Jpeg

AMT-Bot-100   JPG | PNG


AMT-Logo-Horizontal-100 JPG | PNG


AMT-Logo-Vertical-100 JPG | PNG


AMT-Makerspace-Wordmark-100 JPG | PNG


AMT-Medallion-100 JPG | PNG

Grey-Tool-Icons-100 JPG | PNG

All logo assets in PDF Format can be found here



Museo is an open source open typeface that can be found through googling. Also available on wiki.


Make - Teach - Hack - Create - Build - Learn - Rule the World


AMT Website

  • Full-width banner images are 1280 × 350
  • Hero images for blog posts 600 x 300 to 400 px

Social Media

  • 2:1 Ratio in either 440 x 220 px or 600 x 300 px is the preferred image size for twitter and facebook.