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Ace Monster Toys has an EXLAS 1280 laser named Smaug

Tool Steward

Status: Up. Cleaned mirrors. [joshr @ 5/14/19 20:47]

Asset Number: AMT001

Notice: The laser section of the AMT wiki is currently being redesigned. Chime in on the laser channel to participate and create the new and improved laser wiki section.

This is a portal page for all things laser. Topics have been split up into 3 categories:


  • The laser costs money to use - .25¢ a min. firing time
  • Using the laser requires certification
  • Only members can use the laser
  • There is a nifty binder in the room with additional helpful information
  • Laser Certification Test

Quick Links

User Information

Maintenance 'Information' History, Resources and Archives

Safety and Training


Laser FAQ


Quickstart Checklist

User Cleaning

Power Settings

Design Software

Existing Laser Design



Cleaning the Laser Cutter

Lubricating the Rails


How to clean the intake filter

How to cull laser materials storage


Maintenence Logs

101 Instructor Checklist

How to clean the honeycomb

2017 Upgrade




You can also find links to all things laser related on the laser category page