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aka Smaug


Ace Monster Toys has an EXLAS 1280 laser.

This page will detail laser usage and operation, tips and tricks, etc. once we have it set up in the space.

Please don't touch or fiddle with the laser cutter unless you have been trained.


Laser cutter is installed in the space.

See the mailing list for further discussion

Moved the details of purchasing to their own page.

Old page about cleaning junk out of the space


Please make a reservation if you absolutely need to use the cutter at a certain time.

Usage Cost / Fee Structure

We charge by the minute based on the actual time the laser is firing.

Costs are as follows:

Once the laser is completely paid for, the entire cost structure will be reexamined in order to charge cost+maintenance for laser operation.


PDF manuals for laser cutter and software:

Safety information and training

We should have a bunch of helpful information here on safe operation of the device and who to go to to be trained on its use here.

Things that can / cannot be lasered

See the full list here. If any of the banned items are knowingly and purposefully put into the laser, you will be banned from its use (and possibly AMT) for being a danger to yourself and others. The outgassing or fire can kill people.


Material power settings

Laser Cutter/Power Settings

Software Manual / Tips

Laser Cutter/LaserCut Software

Using the Laser Cutter quick tutorial

Laser Cutter/Checklist

Cleaning the Laser Cutter

Laser Cutter/Cleaning

Usable Work Area

1200mm x 800mm (47.24in x 31.49in)
Please note this is the travel size for the head. The physical workbed is approximately 50mm larger in both X and Y directions.

Software to prepare designs to laser


Inkscape can be used to convert various vector file types (SVG, PDF, etc) into DXF, with the Inkscape DXF export plugin listed below.

Quick tutorial on exporting files from inkscape as dxf:

If it doesn't import correctly into LaserCut, try this:

Dunno why, but that solved a problem for me once.

note: linux didn't import .pdf files from box-maker. There is a command line program you can use called pdf2svg that worked for me. (ubuntu: sudo apt-get install pdf2svg)


Can export DXF files with a plugin (see below)


Good for converting bitmaps. Use curves or levels to make the image super light, then convert to an indexed 1-bit palette (black & white), then save as BMP

Adobe Illustrator

If you are so lucky to have this piece of expensive software, here are some tips form our members that have used it to make lasercut designs. The tips are somewhat general, and may apply to any 2D vector design program you may be using:

Software Links

More information

Existing designs to laser

How Other Spaces Use Lasers

Here are links to the laser cutter pages put up by other hackerspace or hackerspace-like entities:

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