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This page is to provide a central location for design and style discussion. This was originally created during 2016 wiki reorganization drive. 

The AMT Brand

As of September 2017,the organization should be referred to as "Ace Monster Toys Makerspace" in any externally-facing materials (e.g., this wiki, meetup events, marketing materials. See Brand standards for more details on brand references. 

NavBar Creation

A navbar will be created to assist in navigation around the AMT Wiki

The navbar will have a series of categories that will stick to overarching themes

The themes will be (possibly) "Facilities and Space", "Tools", "Communicaiton", "Member Resources", "Forms and Legal"

The navbar will feature the AMT logo

Tool Pages

All tool pages must contain the Tool Infobox, completed as best as possible. 

All tool pages must, if possible, have a link to the proper manual for that tool in PDF format

All tool pages must have a basic usage steps

All tool pages must have pictures of the tool and its proper location

All tool pages will be written from the perspective of a current member

All tool pages will have the proper emergency contact information for what happens when the tool breaks or has a problem

All tool pages will have notice reguarding whether or not training is required

     - All tool pages for tools that require training will have a link to the list of approved users for that tool

All tool pages will be linked to the already printed and applied organization system with QR Codes

Member Resources Pages

Wiki Cleaning 

All orphaned pages will either be deleted, combined, or linked