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This page is for listing useful suppliers for electronics and hacking related stuff. Also check this wiki, it's got a ton more links

Materials for CNC:

Materials for Laser:

See the list here

Motion control:

Machine Parts / Supplies:

DIY Electonic components / kits / arduino / etc

Electronic Components:

Surplus Electronic Components:

(selection not as good as above, but sometimes have super good prices on things)

Electronic Component search engines:

Enter a part number, they'll find places that sell it and compare prices. Think froogle for ICs

R/C and Hobby stuff

Cheap random stuff:

PCB Fabrication for small runs (10 or less)

Laen's PCB service $5/sq inch for 3 copies
Seeedstudio $10 for 10 pieces of 5x5cm (almost 2"x2") + ~$4 shipping
BatchPCB $10 + $2.5/sq inch
iteadStudio $15 for 8 pieces of 5x5cm
sitopway $40 for 10 pieces of 10x10cm (almost 4"x4") + $20 shipping. $110+$20 for 10 pcs 10x10cm 4 layer

PCB Fabrication for medium runs (10-100)

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