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Hello and welcome, sturdy traveler!

  • Thank you for landing, please enjoy your stay. Here you will find all thing related to IT at AMT:
  • We have several laptops available for day use within the space. These machines have been donated by members. Thank you!
  • Documenting new Assets as they come in. Its a multi step process, but don't be afraid!
  • You can always check the status of all of our assets @ AMT.
  • Documenting a new computer is easy following this handy guide.
  • If we don't have what we need, you are welcome to ask for it on slack or make a detailed request!
  • If you require a password or access to install software, please ask us in #network on slack.
  • The Network Steward is often available remotely; monitoring slack (not all channels). Hit me up on #network, #amt-it, and Direct Messages @connor