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Out of date Content

I think we need a plan for the exististing content here on the wiki -- namely, the stuff imported from Confluence.

I think first step is to decide what belongs here and what belongs on the main site. My first thoughts:

main site wiki
  • announcements
  • bloggish things
  • info that doesn't change often (access info; how to become a member; how to pay dues; who the Board is)
  • meeting schedules & notes
  • election results?

The first-and-a-half step would be to put things where they go. I think that mainly means moving all the meeting (inc. board meeting) notes into Drupal.

The second step would be to organize what's left. Personally I'm a fan of the Category feature of Mediawiki, and right after the import I started making some -- namely Equipment, Build logs, Projects, Events.

What say ye, O Monsters of Ace?

leks (t) 09:41, 2 February 2011 (PST)

YOUR SILENCE IS IMPLICIT APPROVAL. SO MOTE IT BE. —leks (t) 17:13, 4 February 2011 (PST)