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Name: Workshop Shop Vac - Table Saw

AMT197 main.JPG

Status: 5/28/2018

Location: Workshop (attached to table saw)

Type: Shop Vac - Ridgid - 14 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac (model #WD1450)


Capacity (gal): 14

Motor Power (hp): 6

Cord Length (ft): 20

Weight (lb): 26

Filter: VF5000

Manufacturer page: [1]

Owner's Manual: [2]


Dedicated shop vac for the table saw (AMT078).


Leave vacuum plugged into the yellow junction box and turned on. Vacuum should be running any time the saw is running. Dust travels into collection bin under table.


Open latches on both sides (2 total) and check that the filter is clean. Close and re-latch both sides when finished. Empty dust collection bin regularly.