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[[File:AMT194 handle.JPG|x300px|AMT194 handle.JPG]]
[[File:AMT194 handle.JPG|x300px|AMT194 handle.JPG]]
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Name: Red & Silver Hand Truck

AMT194 vertical.JPGAMT194 horizontal.JPGAMT194 angled.JPGAMT194 label.JPG

Status: 5/1/2018

Location: CNC Back Room

Type: Hand Truck - Milwaukee Hand Trucks - 4-in-1 Hand Truck with Noseplate Extension (model #60137)


Load Rating (lb): 800

Height (in): 52.5

Width (in): 18.5

Depth (in): 20

Weight (lb): 42

Toe Plate Dimensions: 9" x 18"

Manufacturer page: http://www.milwaukeehandtrucks.com/print.php?model=60137


Useful for moving heavy stuff around (rated up to 800lbs). A little bit heavy itself (42lbs). Multiple configurations, including vertical, horizontal and angled; if you switch it back to vertical make sure the handles latch in (see picture).

AMT194 handle.JPG