06/2017 Board Meeting Minutes

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  1. Budget Game - Discuss format specified vs Reality - Crafty - 35 min.
  2. 2017/18 Goals - Goal Worksheet + Survey Results - Group - 40 min.
  3. Election Update - Renee - 5 min. (tentative)
  4. Financials - no vote - Kat - 20 min

Please note the the officers will have a SOO report to the board by end of the week (ish).



Rachel Sadd/Crafty Rachel, Rachel McConnell/Shiny Rachel, Pierre Grandin, Chris O’Donnell, Jacob LaBay, Marc Johnsen, Kat Smith

Not Attending


Taking Notes

Renee Green



(1) Budget Game

Discuss format specified vs Reality - Crafty - 5 min.

CR: We had a grand plan to have a budget committee with equal representation from officers, board members, stewards, and members, but the board has not stepped and, to a lesser degree, neither have stewards. Instead of trying to point fingers, is there a way we can make this work?

SR: When are board elections?

KS: It’s too late. This is what this board asked for, so the board should want to participate.

CR: Being on the budget committee lets you decide how the AMT resources are spent!

SR: Ok, I’m guilted in KS: (reviews current budget committee members)

JL: I can do all 3 sessions

CR/KS: (Yay!)

CO: I can do June 17

CR: Looks like we just have a couple Steward spots to fill on Game 2 (June 17)


(2) 2017/18 Goals

Goal Worksheet + Survey Results - Group - 20 min.

CR: An example of a measureable goal: Increase female membership to 20% (extremely sophisticated demographic tally: ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |||||, 25/149 ≈ 17%)

CR: What about POC outreach? Maybe we should measure our demographics?

CO: That might get weird

CR: How about if we set a goal to outreach to more POC/diverse groups, maybe 6 outreach efforts/month?

JL: Maybe invite outside groups to join?

CR: There’s a church down the road that hosts community events that has a CNC sign that is falling apart, and maybe we could set up an internship/partnership where we could train their people to make a new one for free.

CR: What about the “more leaders” goal? What’s a goal beside “we want to be more fully-staffed”?

CR: Maybe we should try to get 90% staffed? 80% staffed?

SR: I think it’s reasonable to have a goal to be 100% staffed, but it’s the “how to get there” that we need to work on.

CR: I suggest one recruitment event per month to the outside world.

CR: How about “stronger community”?

CR: We could have a weekday party where people show off their projects

CO: Elevate it to the “salon” level! CR: And if this gets traction, maybe we could make a weekend thing for the people who can’t make weekdays

CR: How do we measure the strength of the community? Blog posts?

CO: We need a new Eye-Fi camera set-up

CR: Weekly meeting attendance

Group: Slack activity, door logs

RG: Has anyone actually defined what they mean by “stronger community”?

CO: More summer BBQs!

CR: More parties!

RG: Project speed dating!

PG: A group build for Maker Faire

CR: A build-along

SR: Build-alongs are easier to set up than group builds, so every other month is a reasonable goal, and I would be willing to host one.

CR: What about the “streamlining” goal? Jacob wanted to pick a few processes and do some mapping to see how they could be more efficient

CR (reading through love survey answers): automatic billing! Clean up IT!

SR: The Eye-Fi fits into this

RG: What about Instagram?

CR: (adds to her notes) Back to processing mapping: pick one process once a month to pick apart and see where we could do better. This seems more like an operations/officer thing, and we get together on a near-weekly basis to co-work, but we could really use some board support.

CR: Last one! Documentation? Define desired documentation for tools/area/programs

PG: Revisit wiki pages

RG: Define documentation standards

(3) Election Update

Renee - 5 min. (tentative)

RG: 4 people nominated themselves to be full members and we have 2 nominations to the board (the incumbents)

CO: I will commit to talking to 3 people about joining the board

(4) Financials

no vote - Kat - 20 min

KS: We’re down $5k for the month.

CR: We had a planned overage of $3300 when we made the budget, so we don’t expect to be in the black, but we have stopped spending for this fiscal year, except for rent.

KS: We will be able to pay 12X rent!

CR: TL;DR: we’re in the red for this year, and for full details, see the full report on the AMT handshake page

CR: To end on a high note, last year’s income was $68k, and now it’s $91k, so even though our spending is high, our growth is in line! Please note the the officers will have a SOO report to the board by end of the week (ish).