Workshop Steward

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This stewardship has been broken up to a two person team. This two person team would work with the membership to craft a viable program.

Current Steward: Seth Boeckman

Role: Workshop Organization/Maintenence Steward

Responsiblitiles (rough description from web posting) Shop Maintenance. We need somebody who can keep order in the workshop. This includes changing filters, maintaining tools (basics), regular organizing and cleaning. This work can be done days or evenings and is best accomplished in 2 four hour session a month. 

Current Steward: Open

Role: Workshop Tool Steward

Role descriptions are customized to suite the person volunteering. Learn more about the stewardship program at AMT


  • To keep the space or cause the workshop and workshop tools to stay running.
  • To communicate to the membership about statsus and provide access to basic information for using the tools and the space.