What do do when things break

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A framework for stewards and officers

How we handle it when things don't go so well says more about us as a community than what we do when everything is hunky dory. The follow framework is not ment to be pedandicaly followed but rather a guide to inform you of a good course of action that can be adapted to most situations. This framework deals mostly with how to manage the member experince. Actual steps to repair the tool will vary and must be handled case by case with the support of officers.

REMEMBER: Above all avoid finger-wagging and public-shaming and reward ownership of mistakes right away.

Step 1 - Investigate / Communicate

First off start off with some factual communication and a request for more information from the community.

Example: "Between April 1st and April 5th the planer blades were damaged and badly worn away. If you used the planer in that window of time can you get a hold a [steward or point person's name] adn help us learn more about what killed the blades."

Such messaging should go out on all of the communication channels.

Step 2- Investigate

If somebody steps forward and you learn of a clear breaker-of-the-thing you can proceed to Step 3.

If nobody steps forward:

  • Check the camera footage
  • Ask for a list of users from an officer

Step 3 - Discovery

If you have determined the clear breaker-of-the-thing contact the president and work together to do these things:

  • Send a message to the member expressing currosity and giving them guidance on how to get more training and make donations or work to fix the thing that got broken.
  • Depending on how they respond to it the message, you may also want to ask them to tell the story of what lead them to breaking the thing and what they learned. 

Step 4 - Follow up

  • File an incident report describing the situtation and the action taken via this form.
  • Send out a simple generic messge reminder on our communication channels.
  • Example (newsletter blurb): Blades... you break 'em you buy 'em. Please note that if you improperly use the bladed tools and wreck the blade you may be asked to buy a new set for the org. [List of costs of blades.]
  • If applicable, work with the president and treasurer to collect reparation funds via the acceptable financial channels.