Volunteer Program Proposal

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The Ace Monster Toys Volunteer Program is an effort to expand our membership to community members who may not have the financial resources to be full paying members. The program is an experiment to see if such a thing provides more benefit to Ace and its community. The details will change as we go along and learn what works and what doesn't. The initial Volunteer Coordinator is Rachel Sadd (aka Crafty Rachel).

Key Benefits of having a robust volunteer program

  • Non-fun tasks related to growth will no longer linger for weeks or months
  • Space will be nice and therefor better taken care of, and more attractive to new members
  • Tools/equipment will be treated better
  • Ready pool of labor to further initiatives like moving, equipment construction, marketing and fundraising
  • More resources for run-the-org tasks (ie filing, forms, etc)
  • Increased diversity in membership
  • Increased engagement by members
  • Increase membership opportunities
  • Increased ability to participate in outreach and community events. (eg: Workshop Weekends. if we got one of the galleries to lend us space for the weekend we could set up a small hands on workshop such as soldering, a small etextiles project or a simple cad/cam lesson.)

Volunteer Program Description

AMT exists because of the effort its members put int. We would like to present a new way for folks to volunteer and accrue hours that can go toward membership dues… it is easy. Read a bit about the two-track program and then complete the application <link to sexy form that the VC would create with us>. Once we have received your application we will get in touch with you to the details of a volunteer agreement. The volunteer program is intended for those who want to be contributing members but are not able to spend the membership cost each month (students, the unemployed, etc). As AMT does have significant financial commitments, if you are able to pay a monthly membership fee, please consider doing that and leave the volunteer slots for those in greater need.

How it works

Before you do anything, talk to the Volunteer Coordinator ("VC") and explain why you want to be a part of the program rather than participating with AMT in other ways. We just need to put you down in the spreadsheet as an Approved Volunteer.

  1. Propose a task, with an estimated number of hours of work. There is a suggested task list at Volunteer Task List. Get the VC to approve your task and hours.
  2. Do the task, and get the VC to sign off on the hours.
  3. Profit! Specifically, membership credits accrue to you for the next month.

Track One - Core Volunteers

This track is being tested during the second half of 2013, from July 1 to December 31.

Please note, to get credit for your hours you must work with the VC for approval before hand and to have the work signed off on afterwards. Hours accrue after the first 2 volunteer hours completed… think of it sort of as a test run. After two hours have been completed, further hours will count towards your membership. See suggested tasks at Volunteer Task List. Volunteers may do other tasks as well with the OK of the VC, but note that all work must be approved in advance by the VC or it cannot apply to your membership hours.

For every 10 volunteer hours worked and signed off on, you will receive 30 days of membership. All hours accrued towards dues must be worked and credited in the month prior to membership. Accrued hours go toward membership in 30-day increments. Partial months can not be credited at this time. Hours normally do not roll over from month to month, although exceptions can be made for certain kinds of lengthy tasks if approved in advance with the VC.

Time spend on group projects and other making activities will most likely not be considered for hours accrual in the program. Please check with the VC if you aren't sure.

Accruing hours to scholarship other people is also an option... arrangements for doing so must be made before you start accruing time.

Track Two - Volunteer Instructors

This track of the Volunteer Program is not yet implemented.

Free or nominal fees (materials only) classes

We invite instructors of all kinds to contribute to the AMT offering. If you offer education for free or nominal fees (materials only) and would like to use the space and resources at AMT to teach your thing we welcome you to this program. If you are a for profit instructor please inquire at info@acemonstertoys.org about how you can partner best with AMT.

  • Teach one weekly class = 30 day membership (membership starts after the first 3 classes)
  • Teach two classes a month = 30 day membership (membership starts after the first 3 classes)
  • Tech/Run a workshop on a ad-hoc basis = Talk to the volunteer coordinator to discuss a accural arrangement... every one off workshop is unique. We consider the richness of the content, length of class and draw when factoring the amount of membership accrued per class given.

For profit instruction/events classes

  • Please note that we welcome for-profit instructors and users at AMT. A per student fee  is the structure we work with. Contact AMT to find the best fit and combination of discounts to AMT members and pre student fee's work for your class. [ program needs work].

If you are a for profit instructor please inquire at info@acemonstertoys.org about how you can partner best with AMT.

[this part of the program needs the most work]

Classes and workshop topics should be inline with maker and hacker culture. While some support can be provided each instructor is responsible for their own set up, promotion, clean up and materials. We encourage the use of the tools and equipment in your classes… if you would like to use the equipment etc. please note all the usual safety and equipment access rules apply (i.e. shop safety course for wood shop for you and your students - well unless your teach shop safety, training for the laser / sewing machine. Instructors are also responsible for returning the space to a good usable condition after their classes.

What it would take to set up and launch the program


Project management


Scope and oversite

Tech support and resources

Contract a volunteer coordinator

Volunteer coordinator:

Set up tracking infrastructure

Set up informational/promotional materials

Update website

Create any needed forms and documentation

What it would take to run the program


Set goals

Define new tasks and initiatives requiring volunteers

Provide feedback

Volunteer coordinator:

Screen applicants

Assign work/hours

Verify tasks were complete/staffed

Credit hours to accounts

Notify and communicate with volunteers