Updating and fixing wiki pages

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The wiki needs love to be meaningful to people.


If you want a unique wiki account ping @officers and we will set it up for you. It takes between 1 and 24 hours to set up after request.

If you want to use the AMT shared credentials you can find them on the handshake page of the website (website login required).

These easy and quick things help:

  • Mark a page as out of date by using the Category Tags or changing the name of the page.
  • Update a page
  • Add category tags to make the page easier to find (relevant category tags are things like the room the tool lives it or if it has a steward or the items asset number)
  • Tag the page as "Needs Review"
  • Tag old notes pages as "Archive" and "Notes"
  • Add a picture of a thing to the page
  • Add a better picture of a thing to the page

This wiki is built on media wiki. For help on using it google mediawiki and the thing you are trying to do.