Treasurer Howto

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Duties of the Treasurer:

  • Reimburse people who have approved out of pocket expenses using Paypal
    • Get receipts via email from people and save
  • Accept dues for members who pay by check or cash
  • Track recurring payments and monitor bank accounts
  • Check the mail for incoming notices/invoices and checks
  • Check the Treasurer locker for miscallaneous stff
  • Empty donation boxes and deposit the cash
  • Pay taxes, license fees, and other bills as they come due
  • Liaise with Kat the bookkeeper (or May) as needed

Taxes and Other Government Responsibilities

US Federal


When a member (or officer, or director) has spent money on Ace and the president has approved the expenditure, they may be reimbursed on producing their receipt. Paypal is easiest for this but any method is fine, work out however you want to do it. The important thing is that the receipt image is uploaded to the Treasurer Dropbox (see Lastpass for credentials) in case it is ever needed for The Government.

State of California

Biennially, AMT is required to file form SI-100 Statement of Information-Domestic Nonprofit Corporation with the California Secretary of State. Our number is C3322572. The last due date for this was Tax Year 12/31/2014. Failing to file on time will result in the Franchise Tax Board levying a penalty of $50 (as of 2015) on us. Don't ask how we know this.

City of Oakland



Membership Dues System