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Need to add the role description from this one approved by the board.


4 to 8 hours per week

Role Description (updated from PDF version)

Report financials to the board

  • Done monthly

Process reimbursements

  • Creates accounts for expense reporting and trains users

Disperse financial information

  • Particpates in the development of automated reporting systems

Discuss financials

Manage accountant relationship

  • Negotiates contract with accountant
    • Provides accountant with needed documentation and access
    • Ensures that records provided to the accountant meet legal standards
    • Works on 1099 and yearly tax compliance filing
    • Ensures all sales taxes are being paid and records are kept correctly
  • Negotiates contracts for services including software service providers

Bill paying

  • Pays all bills in a timely manner (weekly at least) and ensures they are properly logged in the books

Drive financial decision-making

  • Acts as point person and collaborates with the President and board
  • Policy making around financial decisions


  • Owns process by which the Budget Committee develops budgets
  • Drives the process/policies

Billing members

  • Sets policy
  • Keeps billing records
  • Ensures members are billed correctly
  • Resolves billing disputes
  • Works with officers to communicate about policy and bills and manage accounts accordingly
    • bill collection
    • billing systems

AMT Store management

  • Ensures the store is managed properly and in legal compliance with all state and city regulations

Drive vision and goals (the big F thing)

  • Works toward goals set by the board
  • Collaborates with the board to set goals
  • Executes policies and decisions based on the mission, vision and values

Maintain culture

  • Bases decisions on and communicates the mission, vision and values
  • Promotes volunteerism
  • Promotes volunteerism as solutions to challenges

Ensure compliance (invesgave job TBD) 501(c)3 govt HR Safety Tax

  • Learns and disseminates knowledge about financial filing requirements like taxes and governmental fees, financial information notices, etc.


TBD (Kat is writing)