Tool and Equipment Acquisition Policy

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AMT is often offered tools and “obtainium” as donations. Before we accept donations the officers and/or stewards go through the following decision making process.

  • Do we have space for it?
  • Does it replace an existing tool?
  • If so what is the exit plan for the tool being replaced?
  • How many members will benefit from this new tool (guestimate)?
  • Is the training needed to take this tool easy, moderate or complex?
  • How expensive is this tool to run?
  • Do we have the expertise in house to maintain this tool?
  • Do we have the resources in house to maintain this tool?
  • What liability risks may be introduced by this tool or batch of goods?
  • If it is a batch of “obtainium” how soon will it be converted to an actual thing or used in a program or project?

The answers to those questions will lead the group of stakeholders to a decision about accepting the tool or stuffs.

All donations must to have a very specific donation letter sent to the person donating item.


We have found that while the membership may be very vocal and enthusiastic about acquiring something that enthusiasm frequently does not translate to engagement (upkeep or use). We therefore use a two-thirds / one-third model for most tool and equipment acquisition including replacement.

AMT very rarely buys tools (new or replacement) completely out of AMT funds. Crowdsourcing is the primary method for acquiring new tools and equipment.

How it works

An interested member, often a Steward, consults with the President or authorized officers about a new or replacement tool acquisition. They discuss many of the critical data points similar to those described in the donation criteria. This is usually a quick conversation.

Once a crowdfunding campaign is approved the primary stakeholder uses the org resources and their own creativity to raise two-thirds of the funds needed. When funding goal is reached AMT kicks in the remaining one-third and the new tools or equipment are acquired.


We have robust systems for communicating with the members as well as a healthy online presence with over 4k people and the greater public. These systems include:

  • Facebook Campaigns
  • Twitter Campaigns
  • Direct Email Campaigns
  • Slack outreach campaigns
  • IRL outreach

We collect funds directly through out website in most cases which helps us keep more of the money contributed. The Store Manager can help set up a donation product on our website.

The Marketing Coordinator can provide assistance helping members run their fundraising campaign as can the Fundraising officer. The point person or member forwarding the campaign is ultimately responsible for fundraising efforts.

100% AMT Funded

In rare instances AMT may fully fund equipment and tool acquisition. The decision to do so rests with the officers, primarily the President. The method of funding, if not budgeted for, is primarily to take funds from the operational reserve of the programs, fund the acquisition. Otherwise it is budgetted for. The premise being that the tool or equipment will foster sustainable income to refill the operational reserve over time.

This policy applies to items outside the stewards discretionary budgets.