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Tool Leads

The point of all this documentation is so that all the good learning and experience can benefit AMT in perpetuity and capture the awesome effort put forth by an equipment lead.

Note for equipment Leads:

Benefit of being an equipment Lead

I know if you have read this far you are asking yourself "Why should I step up?". Here are just a few of the benefits:

Tool Leads

This is a list of the Tool Leads. These people are not responsible for all of the work on our big tools but they are the point people, where the buck stops, for making sure their tool works, is being maintained, and keeping an eye on it or work on it progressing. When someone has questions about their tools, they are the people to ask. Ace Monster Toys is completely volunteer that means we need YOU to volunteer to be the person in charge of things! It doesn't mean you have to do all the work, you can convince others to help you, but you're the one that should know what's going on. So if you see any blank spots below, please step up! If you feel like something is not getting taken care of quick enough, talk to the person below and ask if they'd like to abdicate their position to you!

List of Epic Tools

Please see Tool Stewards for current leads.

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