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Lettuce Make Some AMT T Shirts


Cool people or AMT members wearing the AMT Logo will raise awareness in the community.

Less cool people will be anxious to associate themselves with AMT by wearing the logo.

People will gladly donate hundreds of dollars worth of time and effort for a $5 shirt.


We need a logo design.

My personal experience is that black shirts sell best and girls (and some guys) are far more interested in having girl-cut shirts.

Also very few people actually wear XXL or XXXL. It's good to have a couple of them around for those people, but that's all you really need.

Designers, be aware that when having shirts screen printed, you will pay by the color.

Bold, simple designs with fat lines and few colors work best.


It costs about $500 for a run of 100 shirts, depending on the kind of shirt and number of colors.

Here is a place where you can see how much things might cost:



Here are some places to get quotes from:

http://yespress.info/main - PC61 Port and Co. Essential T-Shirt, 2 color, 100 shirts = $725 + sales tax

http://www.contagiousgraphics.com - Alternative Basic Crew Tee, 3 color front, 1 color back, 96 shirts = $747.90


http://mycustomshirtguy.com - Ryno from T-Shirt Underground in Santa Rosa (recommended by Avi)

We should probably use a local printer to save on printing costs and support our local economy.

Proposed Art as of 09.29.12


3 color front, 1 color back

Meant to be a starting point for a screen printer. Can be adjusted. DO NOT USE THIS ART FOR ANYTHING BUT T-SHIRTS... if is a silkscreenable derivitive of the logo.

Here is a PDF suitable for use in Adobe Illustrator or as submissable art to a vendor.

high res PNG version of images (without the stripes):

Amt-shirt-front.png Amt-shirt-back.png

high res PNG version of images (without the stripes, and without the black ink):

Amt-shirt-front-noblack.png Amt-shirt-back-noblack.png

Shirt Design 2

Amt shirt 2.png