Storage Safety Steward

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This is a draft of what the job description for this steward might be. It is a work in progress not a final list. The end result should cover base needs while being a reasonable job for a single well-supported volunteer.

For basic information on the AMT Stewardship Program see this page


  1. Ensure that safety equipment is up to date
    • Expriation dates on first aid supplies
    • Exprieation dates on fire extinguisher
  2. Order replacement equimpent as needed
  3. Evaluate safety needs on a regular basis
    1. Get signage posted as needed. Examples: Keep doors clear, evacuation maps etc
  4. Coordinate with professional for relevant saftely inspections (supported by the officer and the board)
  5. Based on evaluation organize on coordnated adding safety equipment as needed

Storage related stuff

  • On a regular basis cull red tagged and untagged items that collect in the space (not including the shop)
  • Organize disposal of such items
  • Make sure there are enough tags in the space for stewards to refill holders

How storage works at AMT