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Open. Contact if you are interested. 

This stewardship requires about 2 hours per week of leadership and activities.

Principles of Storage @ AMT

  • DO NOT AT ANY TIME PILE THINGS IN CORNERS or store them anywhere else besides designated storage areas
  • AMT is a shared space for working on projects
  • Space at AMT will always be scarce
  • AMT is not a storage locker. Storage lockers can be rented elsewhere in the general vicinity
  • Dues money paid to AMT is payment for access to equipment and tools, and maintenance and housing of same
  • Stewards have sole discretion as to the reasonable use of their equipment/workstation (including any storage associated with it)
  • The Storage Czar has sole discretion as to storage in all areas, not under a Steward
  • Notice should be given when AMT norms are violated before irrevocable action is taken
  • Long-term storage areas may be created by AMT for members who are willing to pay for them
  • There are no perfect solutions
  • Tools and goods for personal use may only be stored in the designated storage area or in personal lockers see a complete list of options
  • AMT is not responsible for loss or damage of personal belongings


Waste Materials

Waste materials are things like the leftover board you laser-cut something out of. We don't want your waste materials. If you leave your waste materials here, we have to pay somebody to clean up after you. No bueno.

  • DO NOT LEAVE YOUR WASTE MATERIALS HERE. Example: you bring in a sheet of plywood and laser half of it. You want to leave the other half for general use. Cut off the waste board and take it or throw it away. Leave only the good stuff in the multi-purpose bin.

Active Projects

  • Projects or items shouldn't be left at AMT unless they are being actively worked on by a member in good standing.
  • Active means you work on it at least every two weeks.
  • All projects/materials must be tagged with a materials claims tag... yes you have to fill the whole thing out

<img src="21178030798_3f7afde5d1.jpg" alt="21178030798_3f7afde5d1.jpg" />

  • Exceptions are as determined by the Board or President non-members may not leave things at AMT.

Abandoned items

Abandoned materials may be re-purposed, consumed or disposed of at the discretion of AMT.

  • Abandoned items will be red-tagged

<img src="21178028348_a213102895.jpg" alt="21178028348_a213102895.jpg" />

  • Exceptions are as determined by the Steward or President; non-members may not leave things at AMT.
  • Any non-member item, or an item without an identified owner, may be repurposed, consumed or disposed of immediately by the relevant Steward or Officer.
  • Any member can red-tag an item that is not in a clearly marked general-purpose storage location.
  • Any member can absorb a red -tagged item that has exceeded its red tag date (if a member does so, he/she can call dibs on the item then pick it up when the date hits).
  • AMT will not contact you about your abandoned stuff before it is repurposed, consumed or disposed of.


  • A sheet of plywood left unlabeled and unattended
  • A sheet of plywood left labeled but expired in the storage area in the wood shop
  • A monitor left on a conference table
  • A pile of fabric left on tables (with or without a blue tag)


General-purpose materials

  • Items left as tools "for general use" should be reviewed and approved by the Board after being reviewed for suitability by the appropriate Officer or Steward.
  • If you leave materials for general purpose, don't leave them attached to waste material.

Tools for general use

  • If you would like to leave or loan AMT a tool, first get it approved by an Officer AND the Steward of the relevant area. 
  • Then sign the loan agreement
  • Next, complete the asset intake process: How to add an asset

Lost and Found

  • Under Member Storage shelf in the Coworking area
  • For all the random little things that get left around
  • According to policy, a dated red tag needs to be added to the goods. Rubber bands are great for this kind of thing.

Dedicated Member Storage and Rentable Storage

Clean Fabrication

Upstairs in 214, located in the first level of electronics

  • To use them, please follow these criteria:
    • Put all your stuff in a bin with a lid or an easily managed box
    • Blue-tag your bin or box so folks know it belongs to you
    • Follow all the standard storage guidelines (tags)


Backroom in 113

  • Basic Members Storage is a clearly marked set of shelves near metal. To use them, please follow these criteria:
    • Put all your stuff in a bin with a lid or an easily managed box
    • Blue-tag your bin or box so folks know it belongs to you
    • Follow all the standard storage guidelines
    • No loose lumber
    • Keep to about 1 bin if possible
  • Lockers and Storage by the foot
  • Small Lockers are currently available. Bring your own lock.


Front shop, 214 downstairs

  • Personal protective equipment (safety glasses, ear protection, etc.) can be stored on the shelves in plastic covered shoeboxes next to the door in the shop or in the clearly designated area. To use them, please follow these criteria:
    • Label the shoebox clearly with your name and contact information.
    • Keep only PPE in the boxes; do not use them as personal storage for supplies and materials

Back shop, 214 downstairs

  • A limited amount of sheet goods can also be stored in the workshop on Scrappy the Wood Rack. To use them, please follow these criteria:
    • Blue-tag your bin or box so folks know it belongs to you
    • Follow all the standard storage guidelines
    • The last two slots on the right are rentable
  • Project storage in the workshop. To use them, please follow these criteria:
    • This area is set aside for project storage including drying of delicate things
    • Do not overload the area with your raw materials 
    • If you are taking up more than 20% of the space for more than 2 weeks, consider taking some of your stuff home; share the space
    • Blue-tag everything
    • This is not a space for tools or personal item storage


Suite 206

White lockers are rentable


For clarification on these items, please contact the Steward