Steward Purchasing

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Random facts about steward purchasing.

What stewards can spend.

  • Stewards have a budget that they have discretion to spend on.
  • All spending much be in one of three categories:
    • Improvement and Safety
    • Consumables
    • Education Support
  • For purchasing that exceeds the budget written approval by the president is required

How to request AMT to buy for you

  1. Login to asana and create a task for the items you want to be purchased
  2. Include what bookkeeping category each item should go to
  3. Include how many of each item needs to be purchased
  4. Include a link to the product for online purchasing
  5. Assign this buying task to the treasurer

Please note this option is available for online purchases only. If you need AMT to buy in-store purchases contact the president.

When you do the purchasing

  • Login to Zoho on your phone and computer and use the expense reporting software to submit reciepts and make expense reports and request reimbursements.
  • The best practice is to report expenses monthly.