Steward Communication

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The content on this page will continue to be expanded upon, as time allows.

Status Messages

  • Status message are captured using the Status tool via the web page or Slack.
  • Status messages can be called in Slack using the bot or Accessed via the web page.
  • Status messages are logged and logs are accessible via the webpage.
  • The content of a status message should be the "what" and the "when" not the how.  "How" should be documented on the wiki page for future volunteers.
  • The content of status messages should allways start with the functional state of the tool. Up/Down/ Etc. They can also include functional factual information. 
    • Example: Up
    • Example: Up - prefilter cleaned MM/DD/YY
    • Example: Down - Blades taking chunks out. See more details in Slack
    • Example: Up - Repairs to fence made. See details in wiki.
  • The content of status messages should not include ideas about how to make a repair or questions. 
    • Example of what NOT to do: Up. - Working slow. Needs to be cleaned but only XYZ way. 
  • Above all the content of status messages should be short and sweet. Ideas and questions should be directed to the steward of the item and when you aren't sure to an officer or the relevant Slack channel.

Maintenance logs

  • Maintenance logs are kept by using the status tool mentioned above.
  • The content of a log entry should be the "what" and the "when" not the how. The "How" should be documented on the wiki page for future volunteers.
  • In the status tool keep the content of the message to what was done and  when it was done in as short a language as possible.
  • Additional detail if needed or useful should be added manually to the wiki page of the tool or item its self.
  • Maintenance messages can be mentioned in Slack but it is not the method of record and should only be used to suppliment good records


  • Documentation should be added when relevant to the wiki. 
  • Documentation should not be kept in Slack or Google docs when it comes to tools. 
  • Documentation can start simple and be built upon.

Discussions and Roundtables

  • Discussion and round tables happen
    • in Slack  
    • in person at regular meet ups
    • at the weekly meeting

Outgoing messages

Effective outgoing messages mean knowing your audience and presenting the information when and where they will recieve it.

Communication Presentation

How to get your message pubished via direct email or the main website

  • Add a task in assana with your message content and any images
  • Include:
    • when you need it published
    • where you would like it published i.e. website, newsletter for members, newsletter for the public, social media, special email, etc. (links when applicable)
  • Assign the asana task to the president
  • Do not include a due date on the task
  • Messages go into a regular publishing cycle. unless there is a special request