Slack Moderation

From Ace Monster Toys Wiki
  • Slack is moderated by various officers and members officially appointed as moderators.
  • Moderators insure that all discusion is respectful and that all channels are active and there fore useful to the community. What that means is up to the discretion of the individual moderator. 
  • The current working policy (loosely enforced) is that if a topic specific channel not associated with a specific AMT Program is inactive for more than 60 days it will be archived.
  • If there is renewed intersted down the line it may be demothballed. 
  • It is considered polite to announce on that channel that it is being considered for archiving prior to do so - it may spur life.
  • Moderators may also ask participants to take topics to other channels. For example a conversation about LEDs may be asked to move to eletronics. Or a conversation about router bits may be asked to move to the CNC Router or Workshop channels. 
  • In rare cases a moderator may ask a poster to remove their posts or delete post with content that is not inline with AMT community values and would be considered harmful if left up.
  • If it is the moderators judgement that the posts are harmful to the community, derail the discussion, are harrassing, or are generally harmful to the community the moderator (in rare cases) may suspend a converstaion.
  • New channels are created only with moderator/admin permission. This is at the discretion of the moderators.
  • Current regular moderators are John D., Crafty Rachel, and occasionally board members.