Type A Series 1

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The Type A Series 1 has the largest capacity of any printer in our fleet.


Tool Steward: Matt Keveney (@mkeveney on Slack).


Primary documentation for all our 3D printers is the course materal for our 3D printing 101 class. It has a section specific to our Type-A, and is a must-read before using this printer.  Note: In 2016 and 2017 we heavily modified this printer, making much of the earlier documentation obsolete.  For historic interest, you may find a PDF of the original manual here.


We have added a printer profile and a PLA profile (for unheated beds) to the Prusa-edition Slic3r program installed on the 3D print computer.  If you'd like to install these profiles on your own computer:

Download and Install the Prusa Slic3r if you haven't already.

  • Find the right directory for your installation:
    • Windows: "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Prusa3D\Slic3r settings MK2"
    • Mac: "~/Library/Application Support/Slic3rPE/"
    • Unix / Linux: "~/.Slic3r/" (UNVERIFIED)
  • There should be three subdirectories called filament, print, and printer.
  • Download and unpack this zip file.
  • Put the AMT Type A.ini file in the printer directory

Other slicers

Any slicer that puts out standard 'reprap-style' g-code may be used with the Type A.  The following specs will help you configure it.

  • Print volume x: 260, y: 230, z: 200
  • Nozzle 0.40mm (we replaced the original 0.5mm nozzle in 2016)
  • GCode flavor: RepRap/Marlin
  • Auto leveling: add a G28 and a G29 command to the initialization sequence.  See the Prusa Slic3r files for an example.


The firmware is a fork of Marln, maintained here:



Beware the wonky wire bundle!

The wires leading to the printhead have a devious tendency to twist in such a way that they interfere with the carriage X homing function.  If the printer makes a horrible grinding noise when homing, this is probably it.  We should really fix this, but meanwhile, just be careful to twist the wire out of the way before starting a print:

Wonky wires:


Happy wires: