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(This page is Out of Date and needs to be updated)

Terminate Delinquent Full Members

It's important to terminate delinquent full members at least 30 days prior to a membership or board election, because it reduces the number of non-participating full members and thus reduces the necessary number of participants required to achieve quorum.

1. Get a list of delinquent full members

2. Email them all with something like:

Dear Ace Monster Toys member, Upon review of our records, we have found that your dues are not current. We are making an effort to reduce our count of full voting members to only active members in order to more easily perform tasks which require member quorum, such as voting in new provisional members. If you do want your full membership to end, you don't need to do anything. Your user record will still be retained so if you ever want to become a provisional member to access the space, all you would need to do is begin paying dues and your keyfob should start working. If you ever wish to become a full voting member of Ace Monster Toys again, you would need to be reinstated as a full member by quorum vote in a quarterly meeting. If you would like to retain your membership in order to participate in Ace Monster Toys votes, simply pay your current monthly dues in the next 30 days to re-activate your membership. Please also let me know by email that you have done so. Thanks, Secretary, Ace Monster Toys

3. Wait 30 days and re-check the delinquency list. If the folks you emailed are still on it, set their Membership Status from Full to None under Edit -> Personal Information in Drupal.

Call a Membership Election

Send emails out 20 days in advance.

E-mail the list of people who will be eligible for the election with a request to show up. This query will give you a list of users who are not full members, but their first payment was made at least 10 days ago (so in 20 days, they will have been paying members for 30 days)

E-mail the list of full members and compel them to come:

This is easier if you trim the full member list by terminating delinquent members.

Run a Membership Election

On the day of the election, check the current eligibility of all members who are asking to become full members That list will show all users who have been members for over 30 days, are dues current, and are not full members. If anyone is not on this list, they are not eligible to be voted in as a full member.

Verify that you have quorum of full members. Look at: and make sure that at least 25% of the people on that list are present at the membership meeting; if you have less than 25%, you don't have quorum.

After new members are voted on, be sure to visit each of their Drupal profiles and go to Edit -> Personal Information and change Membership to Full, and set the Membership Date to the date of the election.

Run a Board Election

See Running Board Elections

Change People Doing Governance

This is not *all* done by the Secretary but the Secretary is likely to be heavily involved. See Changing Governance