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2+ hours a week is the required engagement to get all the stuffs done. The plus are things like election cycles and the monthly board meeting.

Role Description

Set up filing system

  • Maintain filing system; file things
  • In particular, track rare institutional knowledge such as the very occasional bans, or other issues that should reasonably be private regarding the members concerned (this is a development project at the moment)
  • Maintain Docusign records, add new forms to Docusign, etc.

Check mail

  • Process and file it
  • Can access resources to cause the mail to be checked

Take notes and publish them

  • At board meetings
  • And/or set up systems for someone else to take and publish these meeting notes

Process donations

  • Collect needed information for the legal letter
  • Send it to the person donating it and file copy

Report state of the org

  • Give report to the board monthly
  • Contribute to the development of automated reporting

Drive vision and goals

  • Work toward goals set by the board
  • Collaborate with the board to set goals
  • Execute policies and decisions based on the mission, vision and values

Run elections

  • Develop/run the process for the conversion of provisional members to full members
  • Oversee the records (develop process) for demoting old full members to null or provisional status when they leave the org
  • Run the bi-annual board elections

Supervise / lead others

  • Provide direction to dedicated MC resources and volunteers via estabished channels such as Docusign

Setting culture

  • Base decisions on and communicate the mission, vision and values
  • Promote volunteerism
  • Promote volunteerism as solutions to challenges

Ensure compliance (501(c)3, govt, HR, Safety, Tax, etc.)

  • Manage all documentation
    • Member records including how the database is managed
  • Mail/file all legal paperwork
    • Ensure all paperwork is posted on site as legally required (eg: biz lic, permits, HR materials)