Requests for Landlord

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Questions asked and answered on Jul 28, 2010:

  • Can you clarify on electricity usage? How much is reasonable to use? How will we know if we're going over "reasonable" and how would billing change at that point?
    • The $45 charge is way is way bellow what you would be charge by PG&E and it includes the cleaning person once a week. That said, I will montitor the bill and It may go up to $65 - $75 but still would be less than what you would pay PG&E
  • What days/times will we be able to give a contractor (eg Comcast) for the access needed to the building to run coaxial cable to our unit? (According to Dr. Jesus, when we order service from Comcast, we can arrange to have one of their contractors to come out to pull cable back to our unit. Obviously, we'll need access to wherever it is coming in to do that).
    • Let me know the day that is scheduled and I or someone on our staff will let them in the phone room.
  • For door buzzer access, do we need an actual physical land line or just a phone number, to hook up? Many current phone based entry systems can use any kind of phone number for access as it's all DTMF based. If this is the case, we could use a Voice of IP phone, such as what we could have from Comcast through the cable.
    • The door system is old and only can be used with a land line.
  • Can we put an antenna on the roof? (for the Bay Area Packet Radio unjacking project) If so, how would we arrange to do so?
    • You would have to have us install the antenna because I don't want any roof leaks. I would have to bill you time and materials for that.  ( the antenna may be a better idea than Comcast)
  • Can we install conduit or romex for the main table in the center? (All of the power outlets are at the wall so we want to know if we could extend the power into the middle of the room. We have people qualified to do this.)
    • Yes, but anyone doing electrical work has  to have a contractors license. (insurance)
  • How does garbage work? Is there a specific location in the building (the dumpster our front?) for depositing it. When is it picked up?
    • You are responsible for your own garbage.  I would call waste management and get a 96 gallon roller. There is cardboard recycling in the loading dock.
  • Is it possible to have at least one assigned parking spot?
    • Sorry,no.
  • Can we install an electric strike on our door into the space? This is an electronic lock that would allow us to use computer controlled (and logged) tags for our members to come into the space rather than needing a physical key at our door. This would remove the need to get keys from you for that and allow us to track who comes and goes from the space (and revoke their access if they leave the group).
    • Yes, (again has to be done by an licensed electrician)
  • We want to hang a wireless access point from the ceiling rafters. This requires permission from you to screw it in, according to the lease. Can we get such permision?
    • Yes.