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here it is starting on its second print

Tool Steward: Matt Keveney, slack @mkeveney


Primary documentation for all our 3D printers is the course materal for our 3D printing 101 class. It has a section specific to the Replicator 2, and is a must-read before using this printer.


The Makervbot uses its own file format, x3g.  This is not compatible with the more common 'gcode' format.  The easiest way to produce an x3g file is with Makerbot's own slicer, Makerbot Desktop.  This is installed on the 3D print computer.  You may also install it on Tyour own machine.  download here.

Filament spool loading

The Rep2 is "optimized for PLA" and the documentation all refers to PLA. There's an included roll holder, which snaps onto the back, on the left side (when looking at the back). The filament roll on this holder should always run counter-clockwise, so it unwinds directly into the filament tube. This is completely clear when you see it, and is also labeled. Someone printed a second, smaller diameter holder for different spool sizes (thanks whoever did that) and it's installed on the right side, where there's a second slot for it. This one should always run clockwise, as the filament tube is centered in the back of the machine.

Fixing a jammed nozzle

Useful links

Explanation of the extruder head mod, which we installed in May or June:

Video on installing the extruder head mod, very clear, shows how to assemble and disassemble the extruder head:

Good article about filament:

Replacing the kapton tape and insulation around the nozzle:

Unclogging the nozzle (this seems to be a 2X but it still applies):

How to disassemble the extruder assembly from the gantry: Extruder Disassembly