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Let the Record Show

<grubulous> I told him I thought basketball was a random number generator
<grubulous> he was REALLY offended
<grubulous> lesson learned, do not insult a man's sports by claiming robots could do better

<robbiet480>I just sneezed so hard I farted and a little came out

<shoshana> it's not broken. All 3-D printers are in that state: partially disassembled but known to have worked for the last person.
<shoshana> 3D printing is like an alfa romeo sports car. It never runs, but everyone thinks you're really cool for owning one, and it encourages you to feel productive by creating an endless stream of small fixable problems.

<atom_bomb> I did not take latin, though i did vandalize the sign in high school that said "take latin now, avoid the rush later"

<robbiet480> I only do 1080p

<atom_bomb> Ah, you need to play with the nipples
<atom_bomb> Twist em, but not too much!

<albillings> I have the nipple tool
<albillings> but no clue what I'm doing.

<robbiet480> :'(
<robbiet480> wooster: MAKE IT STOP

<robbiet480> I can't come out because Focus On The Family is down the street and they will kill any gays in Colorado Springs

<atom_bomb> Haha: just got an email from maker faire. They are concerned about the safety of our proposed display of a shooting gallery.
<slick8086> tell them it is a DARPA Project
<ChrisCook> you'll shoot your eye out!

<albillings> rrix are you coming out?
<rrix> albillings: Eventually, I have to be more comfortable with it first.

<chriszf> Everyone can benefit from a freshly washed bumhole.

--> robertcook has joined #acemonstertoys
-*- blauzahl_ wonders if robbiet480 is for hire
<ToyBot> PENIS!!!!!!!!
<robbiet480> blauzahl_: not right now
<robertcook> Well, I walked in at the right moment

<romanian> I heard the house and party went pretty well! Kinda sad I missed it.
<nubsauce> you missed my uninvited neighbor bringing over tupperware and filling it with food

<chriszf> Haha, I'm sad that linuxcon even exists.
<antifuchs> i bet the attendees aren't
<albillings> otherwise they might have to talk to girls

<davr> "warning do not use power tools on a tank with propane in it"
<nubsauce> that's just a suggestion
<nubsauce> propane has like half the energy density of sugar and sugar is perfectly safe

<heph> feel free to s/girls/boys/ at your disgresion

<chriszf> heph: can you hold a class that's not about cocks?
<heph> chriszf: i don't see how

<antifuchs> I love how there's water /in the air/. two things we need for survival in one place!
<davr> now if only it was also raining food and sex, we'd have the entire bottom section of the pyramid covered

<antifuchs> argh! marriage! foiled again!

<chriszf> It sounds like a high-stakes game of the hokeypokey.

<chriszf> Haha. I'm asian. I'll always look like I'm 16.
<chriszf> Except when I turn 60.
<chriszf> Then I grow a fu manchu beard overnight and get all wrinkly.
<chriszf> It's the price I paid for my incredible dance moves.

<davr> noisebot: do you say random things now?
<noisebot> you say constantinople with a hammer and an axe and bust out windows
<davr> i'll take that as a yes

<romanian> now that you gave me the server address too, i guess i'll have to try it out...
<antifuchs> nooooo, what have I done
<antifuchs> this is meant to serve as a WARNING
<antifuchs> it's like the beacon in Alien.
<antifuchs> you don't fly /towards/ it
<antifuchs> not to mention land on the planet and bring back the infection

<dr_jesus> What kind of game gets all butthurt just because someone detonates a cubic mile of TNT

<albillings> geoelectric: if I don't figure it out today, we can do it tomorrow in the office as long as you promise to snuggle.

<chriszf> Yesssss ahhhhhh it is like a shot of heroin directly into the lego-center of my brain.

<dr_jesus> I mean, I'm pretty sure I don't know python
<dr_jesus> Honestly it's all kind of a blur these days

<dr_jesus> Man, the analog bits in this thing are sexy, though.

<davr> "We have also had good results using sheep entrails"

<dr_jesus> So it's like trying to color sort your laundry by training a cat.

<DrShiny> ok chriszf  but NO BITCHING THIS TIME
<chriszf> Do you see the part where it says I am king? That's one of my rights as king.
<chriszf> Bitching.

<dr_jesus> fuck me I'm a candidate
<DrShiny> i bet you say that to all the voters