Prusa I3 MK2

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Status: Back online. [mkeveney @ 2/6/18 16:41]

The latest printer in our fleet at AMT is the Original Prusa I3 MK2.


Tool Steward: Matt Keveney (@mkeveney on Slack).


Primary documentation for all our 3D printers is the course materal for our 3D printing 101 class. It has a section specific to the Prusa, and is a must-read before using this printer.
The official Prusa manual is also available for download, and is recommended reading.
For general info about our Prusa, and why we selected this printer, see this blog post.


For slicing, we recommend the Prusa fork of Slic3r.  To install it on your own computer, click the link and select the most recent version under "drivers."

Slic3r does not offer an estimate of print time.  Use to get a rough idea how long your job will take.