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Current Corporate Officers

Current Ace Official Positions


The President is the day to day executive of Ace Monster Toys. This is the public face and normal decision maker for the organization. He or she runs the weekly meetings or finds an alternate, organizes projects, sets meeting agendas, meets with landlords, shakes babies, kisses hands, deals with all of the issues that normally come up. This is probably the most public face of the organization.

The Secretary is in charge of all communications and membership documentation. He or she takes and publishes minutes of board meetings, ensures that new members can be signed up and manages the process for documentation and account creation, organizes official communications such as voting notices and membership terminations, ensures correct operation of email lists and documentation stores such as the wiki, and makes sure that the membership database is correct and up-to-date, including organizing and noting incoming membership agreements and liability releases, setting membership status after quarterly votes, and terminating members.

See Secretary Howto for instructions on how to do account and election management.

The Treasurer is in charge of money. Requirments for the is that they are the signatory on our bank accounts, they are highly available (email is cool), they managen the systems for collecting dues, paying bills and taxes, and operational expenses. This includes book keeping for all of the following. The treasurer also reports the "state of the money" to the board and other officers.

See Treasurer Howto for all things regarding the AMT Treasury.

The Marketing Director is responsible for the AMT "brand", outbound broadcasts, web design and updates, social networking, and marketing for fund raising. This is the person who also talks to the press and does any public presence. 

The Volunteer Coordinator handles volunteer work for all of the folks in the  Volunteer Program. The coordinator aslo maintains all the credits for program members and the application process.