OOD - Radial Arm Saw

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Below information is historical only.

Contact person: Mike G

The Craftsman Radial Arm Saw is currently missing the original cutting table. There is an improvised cutting table made from MDF. It is also missing the table height adjustment crank. There is an improvised crank made from some metal piping.

How to cut

The saw cuts from back to front of the cutting table. Start with the saw far away from the operator. The workpiece is then clamped down on the near side. There should be some sort of guide to align the workpiece on. Clamp the workpiece down to the cutting table. Don't clamp it against the guide, the guide may not be rigid enough.

For the actual cut, put on safety glasses. Hold the saw by the handle. Power up the saw by pulling the switch out. It will power down by depressing. Slowly and smoothly pull the saw towards you. The saw should cut easily and provide little resistance. Don't cut too fast -- if you do, the saw will tend to grab and pull itself into your workpiece. A messed up cut, or worse, flying workpieces, might be the result.

In action