New Laser Proposal

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Our current laser is starting to fail and will require significant rehab to stay viable - such rehab will require signficant down time.

We have the opportunity to get a newer version of our laser for approximately 3K in expenses. 

Asset AMT148

  • The new laser is 120 watts
  • 1300 x 900 mm bed
  • New controller
  • It is currently locacted in a space I acquired on Murray street for rehab and Terry E. owns it. 

The plan is to rehab the laser in that space, then swap it out for our existing laser. 


Funding - This proposed budget has been reworked the budget based on some likely outcomes to fund this project. It is detailed here (see change log).

Timeline - Swap out the weekend of Sept 4th ... so an ambitious timeline

Rehab resources - We will need the following rehab rerouces

  • A person or team to build a new fob box
  • Time to work on the controller
  • A team to clean the laser (so dirty)
  • A team to work on the mechanicals and ensure safety (rehab the z, test/repair interlock, safety disconnect switch, etc)
  • Minor parts like belts needed
  • Truck rental/possibly movers
  • optical alignment, mirror cleaning.
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