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MC Coordinator: Rachel (aka Crafty Rachel).

AMT runs on the efforts of the members. One of the ways to become a member is to be a Monster Corps member... this is how AMT makes membership available to folks who might not otherwise be able to afford it or just choose to engage with effort instead of dollars.

We currently have a limited number of Monster Corps seats.


In order to engage as a Monster Corps member we have a few requirements.

  • Be Accessible. That mean that you respond to slack messages and email in a timely manner and can attend regular volunteer meetings or meeting with the volunteer coordinator. 
  • Can access Asana is the project management software we use to assign tasks to volunteers. This app can be loaded on smart phones but is best accessed via a desktop.
  • Can access google docs. We use them a lot.
  • Have 6 to 8 hours a month to volunteer.
  • Can meeting the reporting obligations: Monster Corps Reporting

These requirements are in place in order to make the Monster Corps program sustainable.

How it works

  • For every 6 to 8 volunteer hours worked and signed off on, you will receive 30 days of membership.
  • All hours accrued towards dues must be worked and credited in the month prior to membership.
  • Accrued hours go toward membership in 30-day increments. Partial months can not be credited at this time. Hours normally do not roll over from month to month, although exceptions can be made for certain kinds of lengthy tasks if approved in advance with the MC Coordinator.
  • Only approved tasks/hours will count towards your volunteer time. This is managed by the MC Coordinator.
  • Every month when your membership is about to expire you will need to notify the MC Coordinator so they can check your status and renew it if applicable.

Apply for a Monster Corps Program Membership

1. Attend at least one weekly Thursday meeting and meet face to face with the VC

2. Join the Slack Team

3. Fill out the Application

Instructions and information will be sent to you by the MC Coordinator to complete the proccess after your application has been recieved.

What the Monster Corps Coordinator does:

  • Screen applicants
  • Assign work/hours
  • Verify tasks were complete/staffed
  • Credit hours to accounts
  • Notify and communicate with volunteers
  • Terminate membership in the program when it doesn't work out

This page used to house the orginal proposal for the Volunteer program. To see the original proposal check out this page.