Marketing Coordinator

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The marketing coordinator is in charge of driving the org's vision, goals, and values through the org's advertising and media. They also help maintain the content on the org website. Through their use of media they promote volunteerism, raise awareness of org projects, and communicate the org's values. Most importantly, the marketing coordinator works with the leadership team to help ensure compliance of the org.

The marketing coordinator manages advertising through the org's social media accounts, promotes classes and events, and publishes the regular newsletter. AMT advertises classes and other events through Facebook, Twitter, and the AMT website. We also maintain a YouTube account and blog with content created by members. AMT sends out a newsletter approximately monthly and when needed to highlight special events, which is compiled and sent by the marketing coordinator. While the marketing coordinator will not necessarily generate all the content on our various platforms, it is their responsibility to see that classes and events are promoted, and that AMT maintains an up-to-date online presence that makes our org accessible to the wider community.


  • Advertisting
    • Class promotion*
    • Fundraising promotion*
    • Social Media*
  • Newsletters
    • Internal and external*
  • Maintaining the Website
    • Content only, not platform performance or membership management capabilities
  • Dirve vision and golas
    • Work toward goals set by the board
    • Collaborate with the board to set goals
    • Execute policies and decisions based on the mission, vision and values
  • Setting culture
    • Based decisions on and communicate  the mission, vision and values
    • Promote volunteerism
    • Promote volunteerism as solutions to challenges
  • ensure compliance (510 c3 govt HR Safety, Tax ext)
    • Marketing Officer’s primary role in compliance is in knowing what we’re compliant with to fully communicate it in marketing material
    • Responsible for doing basic critical thinking in this area including some research and consultation with other officers.

* Please note that the items with the asterisk need to still be vetted by the board as of 2/17/17