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This page is meant to be a hub for all this good stuff.

Check this out to learn more about the difference between these things.


Marketing/PR tools consist of content, identity and marketing materials we use to distribute our message and/or forward our campaigns

Identity collateral

  • Business cards - Board members and officers get personal cards
  • Generic AMT calling cards - messaging includes basic info plus how to participate - Available for all members to use
  • Stationery - done as needed
  • Logos - soon to be available on line in many formats with guidelines (including color)

PR Kit

This will be the primary tool we use for outreach
Contents will be gathered in a nice folder and include:

  • Introduction - WWW, mission, contacts (single page)
  • Projects and people (several pages)
  • Media (one page)

Print/Production notes: the plan is to print 10 of the kits to start. We will be using nice black pocket folders that we will laser cut a logo into. The materials inside will be printed on nice paper in the shop, and then both lasercutting and block printing will be added.

Contents will also be leveraged on line in an as yet to be determined way.


A great introduction video about the space that is edgy and short and fun will be created and then distributed in various ways including given to the press upon request.

Ongoing activities

Open houses

Open house / game nights will be held every 6 to 8 weeks with several levels of promotion. A budget for promotion, food and libation should be set up.

  • Schedule next one - Proposed date: September 12th
  • Promotion: Post Flyers (not cards this time), hit social media, build distribution database
  • Results of first OH (good, got the headcount, Flyers = $124, Food+ MISC=$54 Total spent = $178 (approx. $50 more donated to cover total cost of about $228) - Touch base with Dave to check membership increases on August 18th to determine other ROI.

Announce newsletter

This is a newletter pushed out to subscribers every two weeks. Contents include:

  • Calendar of AMT events for the next 30 days
  • Equipment summary and new equipment announcements - from the discuss list
  • Project summaries and opportunities (also from meeting notes and outside sources... hoping to build affinity relationships with org's and business to flesh out)
  • Outside events of interest (gathered ad-hoc)
  • General news summary (created from meeting notes)

Launch on or before August 8th.

Social media

  • Ensure calendars and events are up to date (weekly) - Help needed for this! We would like to make it happen every tuesday ;-)
  • Blog - More blog entries (populate the facebook page too!)



Goal: Create awareness and establish identity with the local community.

Strategy: Establish branding, ongoing activities and targeted activites to introduce ourselves

Duration: Initial push from June 2012 to January 2013

Audience: EVERYONE! Well not quite


  • See ongoing activites
  • 30 day geo specific instructables ad camp
  • Ad on
  • EB Mini-maker faire
  • Chabot - Night School


Goal: Foster reciprocal relationship with other orgs, hackerspaces, and local business that are mutually beneficial

Strategy: Establish branding, ongoing activities and targeted activites to introduce ourselves

Duration: Initial push from September 2012 to January 2013

Audience: Relevant businesses and organizations (hardware/art stores, art schools, art collectives, BUSD, Hackermoms, etc.)


  • Schedule a meeting in the first 2 weeks of August with Hackermoms core peeps and AMT Board and officers (and members who really care that want to come) - Meeting to be held offsite
  • More stuff to be brainstormed

Marketing and PR  distribution channels

Click here to learn about the venues we use to distribute our message. Example: Newsletters, posting on facebook, direct conversation, flyers.