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AMT 2017 Org Chart

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Board of Directors

  • Pierre Grandin
  • Nicole Scherm
  • Chris O'Sullivan
  • Rob Froetscher
  • Chris Constantine

Meeting notes

Board Meetings


  • President: Crafty Rachel
  • Secretary: RenĂ©e Green
  • Treasurer: Kat Smith
  • Fundraising Officer: (Open)
  • Marketing Officer: (Open)
  • Membership Coordinator: (Open)
  • Vice President: (Open)
  • Volunteer Coordinator: (Open)
  • Monster Corps Coordinator: Crafty Rachel


  • Laser Cutter: Josh Reuss
  • Electronics: Ray Alderman
  • 3D Printing: Matt Keveney
  • Metal: Steve Berl
  • CNC Router: James Lord
  • Workshop:
    • Major Tools: Open
    • Workshop Organization & Maintenance: Open
    • Workshop Program Development: Open
  • Metalshop: Steve Berl
  • Network: Connor Bennette
  • CNC Engraver: Open
  • Hospitality: Open
  • Vinyl Cutter: Open
  • Storage/safety: Open
  • Textiles: Open
  • Coworking: Bobby Morris