Laser cutter/How to clean the filter box

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Dust mask is recommended. In front of the blower fan on the back of the laser is the filter box, the inside of the box and the filters need to be cleaned regularly. Unlatch the top of the box on either side and pull up on the filter.

Laser filter box.jpg

Vacuum as needed. If the green filter material that is taped on the frame is too dirty to use anymore, you can cut a new piece from the filters that are currently sitting on the top laser material shelf. You can find tape and scissors in the red tool box on the shelf near the door. Please check if one is already cut and use that one up first. Below is a picture of filter material before and after being replaced: 

Dirty and not dirty.jpg

Vacuum out the box as well, check the grid on the blower, it may need cleaning as well. Reseat the filter with the taped filter material side facing the laser. When putting the lid of the box back on make sure both sides are latched.

This is a also a good time to also check the intake grate on the debris drawer under the honeycomb, which you can access by lifting the honeycomb. Vacuum the grate and any small pieces hanging out.


How often: every 10-12 days, at least.