Laser Cutter/Power Settings

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Power and Speed settings

NOTE: Ideal values for cutting various materials depend on the material. Use these settings from Rabbit Laser as a starting point: File:Laser Speed Power Settings RL.pdf

What to cut/not cut

Where possible, use settings that only require one pass. The belts have an ever-so-slight amount of looseness, and the second pass will not quite match the first pass. If your cut is small you might be fine, but if it's large, you may get two different closely spaced cuts, ruining your piece.



(speed/power/scan gap)


(vector cutting to draw on the surface, not cut through)

Vector Cutting


70/90/ (if focus is good — need higher power for warped cardboard)
Acrylic 500/50  100/20

2mm: 15/75

2mm: 30/70/

2.2mm: 20/60 cut through, works well

0.1": 50/40 is bare minimum

0.1": 50/50 works well

0.1": 25/70/ seems high

3mm: 25/70/

5mm: 4.5/90/ gives nicely rounded edges

5mm: 15/70/

0.221": 7/90 cuts all the way through in one pass

1/8": 12/90; 20/90 didn't cut through

6mm / 1/4" : 4/90 will cut in one pass, with the paper covering removed from the top surface of the acrylic. (I found 8/90 to cut through perfectly –Toby)

9mm: 12/70, 3 passes for best results (also 8/90, 2 passes works 95% of the time, but some little bits don't quite cut all the way through)

Paper 800/20/0.0625 (for business card paper, embosses dark brown)

400/10/ (standard thin printer paper) 400/20 (business cards — be sure to use card stock without dangerous chemicals!)

Wood 750/10/0.085 (power 10 will not engrave — I've been using 600/35/0.20 on wood with fine results –Scott) 100/20

0.52" = 13.2mm solid open grain (pine?) 10/90

0.22" = 5.5mm plywood 27/90

3/16" = .1875" = 4.8mm 3-ply birch plywood 10/90
          (15 worked okay for some sheets)

1/8" = .125" = 3.2mm 3-ply birch plywood 45/90




polyester felt, 100/20