Laser Cutter/FAQ

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How big is the work area?

1200mm x 800mm (47.24in x 31.49in)
Please note this is the travel size for the head. The physical workbed is approximately 50mm larger in both X and Y directions.

How much does it cost to use the laser?

We charge by the minute based on the actual time the laser is firing.

Costs are as follows:

  • General Public: must have a member run the laser for you
  • AMT Members: $.25/minute

The laser has been paid off, and the fee for members was reduced from $0.50/minute by the board on 3-27-14.

Note that these fees do not include any assistance with setting up runs, models, etc. This is purely cut time, assuming things are ready to go already and the person just needs to cut stuff. Any other help needs to be negotiated with willing parties.

How does storage work?

Thre is a set of shelves next to the laser to store laser materials. The storage policy follows the same structure as the rest of the AMT space. Learn more on the storage page.

  • Members may keep materials on the "member shelf," using the blue tags.
  • You may donate materials to the scrap shelf, provided they may be useful to other members. Nothing smaller than two hand-widths, and all waste material should be detached.
  • You may not just put waste material on the scrap shelf.
  • Materials that are red-tagged will be dealt with according to the AMT storage policy
  • Untagged or red-tagged expired materials found in the scrap shelf that are deemed simply waste will be tossed.