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Large Format Printer (Epson 9880 or AMT141)

A. Downloading the drivers

1. Go to this website:

2. In the dropdown menu titled "Filter content by operating system", choose the operating system you are running on your computer of choice

3. Download the most recent "Driver" from the accompanying list that corresponds with your operating system.

B. Installing the drivers

1. Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions

2. Turn on the printer

3. Plug the printer's USB cord into your computer, and the driver will automatically download

C. Setting up Catch Cloth

1. The large format printer has a catch cloth unterneath to prevent prints from falling on the floor. It has two positions it can be set in, one for prints shorter than 40" and on for prints that are longer than 40" (1030mm).

2. For short prints, the two silver metal hooks should be pulled all the way out, the black plastic guides that hang down from the printer should be angled straight down (pinch the sides to change the angle of these, but be very gentile as they break easily!) and the two elastic loops one the side edges towards the front of the cloth should be hooked over the silver hooks. In this mode the prints will be directed under the printer and caught by the cloth.


3. For prints longer than 40" (1030mm) the elastic loops should be unhooked so that the front section of the catch cloth hangs down, the silver hooks on the sides should be pushed all the way back towards the printer, and the black guides should be in front of the horizontal bar supporting the cloth to direct the paper down the front of the cloth. In this mode the print will slide down the front of the cloth and onto the floor, so pay attention and catch it if you don't want it to get dirty!


4. NOTE: To switch the cloth position you have to remove the horizontal support bar from the silver hooks to get it under the black plastic guides, then you can replace it once the hooks have been slid in or out. 

D. Printing

1. In your print settings, be sure to set your paper size accordingly. As of 9/19/2017, the width of the paper roll was 44in, which corresponds with the Paper size "Super B0". If it looks like the roll in the printer is less than the entire width of the printer, check and choose a new size accordingly. In the event that AMT stocks multiple paper sizes, these instructions should be updated to reflect a new procedure. 

In Adobe Illustrator Set up a custom size based on the paper loaded and the size of your art.

2. Once you've oriented your print correctly (landscape or portrait) and you are ready to print, go ahead and press print on your computer

3. If prompted to clean nozzle heads, the left arrow will decline, and will allow you to print right away. 

4. Printer will automatically cut paper to size after print and hold it there until the user pulls paper out of printer. 


E. Payment

1. The large format print is free to print materials for use in-house.  Everything else is charged via the honor system at $1.00/ft^2 (of paper, not print).

2. You can pay on the main wiki page under shop: