Large CNC Router

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This is the page for all things CNC Router.

Tool Steward: James Lord

Status:: Up, though finicky and unpredictable. Possibly haunted. [Damp Rabbit @ 2/24/19 20:57]

Asset Number: AMT028


  • The CNC Router requires certification, either by class or by being checked out
  • Only members can use the CNC Router
  • Use the checklist on the wall behind the router
  • Only cut wood, plastic, acrylics, etc.  No metals.
  • The maximum gantry travel is XxYxZ


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CNC Certification Class Materials

CNC Certification Requirements

Basics of CNC Routing for Makerspaces (Part 1)

Basics of CNC Routing for Makerspaces (Part 2)

CNC Maintenance

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Large CNC Router - Old