IT Maintenance

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AMT: IT Maintenance Instructions v0.2

Created 3-21-18 by @Connor

Last Modified 3-21-18 by @Connor & @Crafty

Prepare: before you begin, please locate all relevant documentation. Each machine is well documented at ' 'Please update @toybot to let people know that the device is going down for scheduled maintenance.

1) Basic Checks

  • Turn on (or restart) machine.
  • Open Chrome. Please check to make sure no extra toolbars have been installed.
  • Check basic network connectivity. Ensure homepage loads:
  • Print something.
  • Copy file to fileserver.
  • Check icon tray near clock to make sure nothing extra is running.
  • Check the correct software is present per machine (Each wiki page says which software is appropriate for each machine. Unique information is available for each machine. Please compare to against wiki page.)
    • For both Chrome and Icon Tray, you can compare to ‘known good’ screenshot on the machine’s wiki page.

2)Run OS Updates

  • Mac: Open App Store. Update
  • Win: Open “Windows Update”. Update.

3) Run Manufacturer Updates (Driver Updates)

4) Run Software Updates

  • Installed software is machine dependent.
  • For example: Fusion360,
  • If these are installed, please run any updates.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

5) Clean up Cruft

  • Please delete contents of the ‘Archive’ folder on the desktop.
  • Please add any files from the desktop to the Archive.
  • Please run CCLeaner (win) and clean up files.

6) System Scans

  • Please open Malware Bytes. Complete update. Run (Quick) System Scan.

7) Sanity Checks

  • Print something.
  • Copy file to fileserver.
  • Can connect to internet.
  • Reboot Machine. 

8) Documentation

  • Please update status with @toybot on slack in channel #amt-it or #network.
    • [Usage: !status AMT100 Up and running!]
  • Update task on Asana. This is you turn in work and how we know it’s done!
  • Update wiki page with anything you find relevant or missing.
  • Feedback! Please provide feedback directly in #amt-it on slack.
    • '​What resources did you need that were not available to you?'
    • This is a work in progress; how can we improve?
    • Generally anything else you noticed about the systems?

Thank you very much for your efforts, they are greatly appreciated!