How to write social media posts

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Below are a few light guidelines for writing on behalf of Ace Monster Toys.


Our brand voice is friendly and fun and clear. Read more about what that means on our Brand Standards page. We also want to be provocative in our social media writing. 


And by friendly we mean inclusive. Be welcoming to lots of different kinds of people. Avoid exclusionary language but there is still room to be genuine about what kind of community we are (example: self-starters, low-service / high-agency). 

If you have this Try this
Join the guys in the shop Jan. 12th for Tablesaw 101 Tablesaws are for everyone! Learn the basics Jan 12th at Tablesaw 101
Electronics Night at AMT with new kits at 7pm. RSVP here Learning about electronics with the friendly folks at our electronics open lab tonight at 7pm
AMT has shared space and tools in a diverse community of volunteers. We also have classes and are member supported

Making is for everyone! Check out the tools, space and culture at AMT any Thursday Night at 7PM


This is fun! We don't need to take ourselves too seriously. Even when talking about our more simple basic offerings we can remember that this is some cool fun stuff and lead with that. 

If you have this Try this
Jointer + Planer 101 This core competency class covers the basic things you need to know about the Jointer and Planer. RSVP here: [link] Looking to level up your skills and your lumber? Join us for Jointer + Planner 101 #woodworking [link]


Keep it simple! It is easy to get verbose and technical. Remember to use simple every-day language. 

If you have this Try this



Very often to promote something we do a drip campaign... meaning 2-4 total posts about a class or event leading up to the day of the event. Here are some guidelines: 

Each post in a drip campaign should be unique


Everything should have images! But sometimes timing is timing. if 10% of our stuff is just words that is okay. If possible try to be extra punchy with your words if there is no image.