How to set up a board election

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Call for nominees

  • Create google form for people to use to self nominate (I usually update the old form or make a copy)
  • Create Wiki page for this election (pick up and edit the page from the last election)
  • Post in the Newsletter
  • Announce on Slack.
  • The call for nominations should last about 2-3 weeks.

Set up voting

  • Set up a blog post with the interview information from the nominations
  • Set up a Newsletter article with then nominee information
  • Set up a poll at:
  • Pull a list of all current voting members
  • Email out ballots
  • Voting period is usually 2 weeks.
  • Send out 2 general reminders to slack
  • Send out 2-3 naggy emails to the voting list... do not resend to anybody who told you they voted. 

Announce results

  • Close the Poll
  • Email the folks who didn't win thanking them for running
  • Send and email to the folks that did win
  • Announce on slack

Onboard and continue announcing

  • Assign Director Onboard to somebody on the board to onboard their new fellows
    • Steps outlined in asana task template for complete Director Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Get the interview text and update the About page on the website
    • Requires rewriting blurbs
    • Write article on new directors in Newsletters