How to process a Apparel order

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AMT sells t-shirts, baseball T's and hoodies to raise funds.

These instrucitons are for when somebody orders a t-shirt. 

Access Requiresments

  • Admin or Store Manager role priveliges in Wordpress
  • A printer

Preparing orders for pick-up

  1. Check the store for recent incomplete T'shirt orders (this is done Wed. night or Thursday morning generally)
  2. Print out a packing slip for new orders (icon on WC orders page in dashboard)
  3. Pull the shirt(s) and roll them with the packign slip on the outside
  4. Set them aside in the Will Call box for gear (picture below)
  5. Mark them off on the store


Random Fact

  • When somebody buys Gear an email is sent to them with instructions on when they can pick up their gear.
  • When the order is marked complete another email is sent telling them that their order is ready for pick up.
  • It is super important that all shirts, even free one's get ordered though the website and go out with a packing slip. The website is what tracks inventory.