How to process Amazon Expenses

From Ace Monster Toys Wiki

These instructions are a work in progress.

  1. Log in to quick books
  2. In the Operating Spark Account find an Amazon expense that needs to be entered. 
  3. Go to Amazon and review the orders that make up that expense
  4. Print a PDF of the orders (Note the COA for the expenditures) - Please note that AMAZON sometimes splits and order into multiple transactions. In that way, you may use the same order receipt for multiple payouts.
  5. Create a Zoho Expense Report
  6. Record All of the expense from the Amazon Transactions to the Expense Report - Each Transaction on the order should be a different expense. Split the expense as needed. 
  7. Export the item to Quickbooks
  8. Update the Journal Entry to correct the vendor to Amazon and the date to reflect the date in QB of the transaction
  9. Then match the transaction to the expenditure in Quickbooks