How to make fobs

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This is how make make the fob that are kept on the new member desk. Typically we make a batch of about 20 every month-ish. This something the secretary does, but other officers and board members can as well.

  1. Get the box of fobs and supplies from Panama (locker)
  2. Number the envelopes 1-20
  3. Stuff the envelopes with the instructions (pdf for printing)
  4. Stuff the envelopes with one fob each
  5. Plug the mobile RFID reader (found in the box of fobs) into your USB port. You must do this in sequential order.
  6. Open a text or spreadsheet document.
  7. While in a document or field (spreadsheet) scan the fob containing envelopes in numerical order.
  8. Print them out on a sheet of paper to make envelope labels
  9. Use tape to afix them to the envelope being careful to match the right code with the right fob.
  10. Seal and place in box on new member desk.