How to make asset labels

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We make asset labels in batches 2 or 3 times a year or when we take in loaner equipment.


Make/Get a Label - Use any means of printing at your disposal

  • There is a Dymo Label printer attached the computer on the member services desk (next to the stairs in the Clean Fabrication room). You can use that to generate a label with a QR code and a "Property of AMT" note.
    • Using the URL from the speadsheet go to a QR Code generator and get a QR code image file
    • In any program of your choosing (google docs works) make a label with the QR code, asset number and the text "Property of Ace Monster Toys" 
      • The computer at the member services desk has a label design program called "DYMO Label Software" with our template set up
      • Exception. If the tool is on loan to AMT make sure it says "Property of [Name]" but otherwise the process is the same.
    • Print it out
    • Using your imagination and tape apply it to the machine in an obvious way
  • What must be on the label
    • QR Code linking to the wiki page
    • The Asset Number
    • Property of AMT (in the case of loaned tools use "Property of Name of person who loaned it"
    • Asset-tag.jpg


  • You can also print the information on regular paper and affix it with packing tape.